Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Three Is a Magic Number

On June 24th, Atlas Quest officially turned three years old. Ok, chances are if you are reading this, then you already KNOW that. I mean, how could you MISS that giant cake and the festive balloonery? A lot can change in three years, but one thing has remained the same: Ryan's responsiveness and dedication to the Letterboxing Community has never wavered. (That sucking up has GOTTA be worth at least another year of green-hat!)

1) Putting the "Fun" in "Function".

2) A village, or not a village, that is the question.

3) Southern Comfort.

4) Melville had it right.

5) Giving a Ratatouille thumbs up!

6) Worth repeating: barking pogo sticks.

7) You made a copy, right?

8) Pleading know contest.

9) Our hearts and thoughts are with you.

10) The tooth(pick) is stranger than fiction.

11) Donut ask what's in it.

12) Lookin' for logs in all the wrong places...

13) I shocked the sheriff...

14) But I did not spook the Deputy.

15) A patchy Web Server.

16) Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon.

17) He has a Tennessee to exaggerate...

18) Flippin' amazing!

19) Can you handle this title?

20) We're crossing our fingers for you!!!!

21) Giving us the finger.

And once again, thanks Ryan for giving us Atlas Quest, and a reason for me to make really bad puns every week.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: SMPSLT

So Many Posts, So Little Time...

1) She says ya need 'em, but I dungaree.

2) Pranks for the memories.

3) Icon picture it now.

4) Needful things to carve.

5) Suburban sprawl.

6) All it takes is a little skullduggery.

7) We all have our little hangups.

8) Rock 'n' Rock.

9) Yeah, but... the accordion?

10) Goin' Buffaloin'

11) A wonderful thing.

12) Good news, and a standing ovation.

13) The song remains insane.

14) I toddler not to touch that...

15) Another wonderful thing.

16) I Mensa say that!

17) Bean there, Done that.

18) Post "Post" post.

19) From one reptile to another.

20) As BR1 would say, "Be Safe".

21) WOOHOO!!

22) A picture window is worth a thousand words.

23) Alcohol it whatever I want!

Sorry about the lack of banter (though there are many, I suppose, that see this as "a plus"). Once the craziness of simultaneous end-of-school and end-of-quarter dies down, I hope to get back onto a more "normal" BnB schedule (like ANYTHING I write falls under the heading of "Normal".. ha!)

Have fun!


Friday, June 08, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Skippy Gizzardlips

Wow, a whole week has gone by since the last Boxers'n'Briefs.

It's the end of the school year, and things are rather hectic around our household. My oldest son is graduating High School, and has been accepted into pre-med at UCLA. Daughter Juli is gearing up for her Acro-Gymnastics Regional competition next weekend. Katie-bug has end-of-year activities and class performances almost every day. And in between all the hustle and bustle, there is squeezing in visits to Grandson Jordan. Whew! Thank goodness I have Atlas Quest to keep me busy...

1) Gischer Boogie On.

2) KuKuCruiting.

3) Pardon my extrusion.

4) The best laid plans of ducks and men...

5) Atlas Question

6) Chicks dig it.

7) Ethic I know the answer.

8) He has his mindset on it.

9) Cleanliness is next to globiness.

10) Don't they Everest?

11) Board of the Rings.

12) Define art of huffing.

13) If you give a spouse a cookie...

14) To certificate, with love.

15) I Love My Wife but Oh, Euclid.

16) Preview of coming attractions.

17) The last line says it all.

18) Boy, does Mr Yuk sound board.

19) Get him moth my towel!

20) Talkin' trash.

21) Hi, my name is Dorfus Chickendoodle...

22) A Historical Parispective.

Have a great weekend!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Field Tripping

Today, I went on a Field Trip with Katie's 1st grade class. We went to the same park where we had the April 1st "No Fooling" Gathering (site of the infamous Wassa Gets Arrested prank).

What a fun trip! We went to the "Nature Center" there, where a Ranger introduced us to some indigenous wildlife. We got to see up close a Great Horned Owl, and a King Snake, and an Opossum (it was a pet, Shiloh, not lunch). Naturally, when she asked if anyone had any questions, my hand shot up. I wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumor that somewhere in the park was a hidden enclave of albino cannibals. The Ranger just smiled condescendingly at me, and went on to the next questions, which happened to be, in rapid succession, "What's an enclave?", "What's a cannibal?", and "What's an albino?"

I think maybe I won't be asked to chaperon again for a while.

The best part of the trip, though, was the Nature Hike. Aside from the fact that we were under constant assault from kamikaze squirrels, the kids really enjoyed the hike. But the most amazing part was that, totally unbeknownst to anyone there but Katie and me, all 73 kids, teachers, and adults came literally INCHES away from one of my very favorite letterboxes in the whole world! Without giving too much away, I have to give kudos to "dem xx men" for planting a box in such a deviously cunning spot! I was holding my breath the whole time (for several reasons, actually), hoping that nobody would stumble upon it. Then it occurred to me, that HUNDREDS of such field trips must have come through there, and the box is still safe and secure. Bravo, Dorks Anonymous and CrowGirl!

1) Beading around the bushes.

2) Squatter's rights.

3) Really getting intuit.

4) Cheer Leaders.

5) More trail magic.

6) Condolences on the loss of a boxing buddy.

7) A three hour tour... which one of you is Gilligan?

8) Maintaining the Status Quote.

9) I promised to Relay the message.

10) Jonesing for some boxing.

11) Father's Day is coming up soon...

12) Six degrees of Bacon.

13) Drexel Girls just guano have fun.

14) Osculation remuneration.

15) Answers are just a Click (and Clack) away.

16) Another noble cause.

17) Boxcar.

18) Teaching old dogs new trigs.

19) Webfoot's there, vendor need arises.

20) Planting is planting, right?

21) Stats all, folks!

Have a great weekend, everyone! And watch out for those albino cannibals...