Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! And an ESPECIALLY happy holiday to my friends MushrooM and HikerGuy Ed, two wonderful people (who are not afraid of a little "Extreme Box Planting" when I am in town!)* who recently announced their engagement. Congratulations!!!!

* Extreme Box Planting = Planting at a Police Substation on 9/11.

Now, on with the bad puns...

1) Many a true word is spoken ingest.

2) Mulva?

3) Centerfooled

4) Mapless Quest

5) Whisk alarm you work

6) Board stiff

7) Orange you glad for Grumpy?

8) Seriously... watch these.

9) Breast in Show

10) Obama Lama Ding Dong

11) We all strive for a little innard piece

12) The Poemetto State

13) WOMb Clues

14) Alcohauled in for questioning

15) Even MORE Good Advice from Grumpy

16) Torpor the Mountain

17) Anticipating Precipitating

18) We have a weiner!!!

Finally, I would really like to thank everyone for the warm birthday wishes. The letterboxing community is such a wonderful and supportive group, it means a lot to me!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Pair of Ragged Claws

And you thought last week's blog was the last weak blog? Ha! This'll teach you!

Usually I spend a few paragraphs at the beginning of the blog nattering on about this or that, sometimes Letterboxing related, sometimes not. But much to my own surprise, and to your undoubted delight, I really don't have much to say this week! So enjoy the links, and the natterless intro.

1) Just when you thought I couldn't sink any lower, I do.

2) The wagers of sin...

3) Home, home on derange...

4) T-Rex and his Quote of Many Colors

5) Leaving nose stone unturned.

6) Mad's Skillz

7) Toilet Paper Roll Model

8) Let's Make Some Noisome!!

9) The Rite to Remain Silent.

10) She'll be there if fiasco to be.

11) Makes you feel good, donate?

12) Abasing With the Moon

13) Stone Mountain. At least it felt like it.

And now, our New and Improved Bonus Feature:
"Ancient Posts of Hysterical Significance"

14) Slumber Parody

15) Fool Plate

16) Because we just can't get enough Grumpy Poetry.

And that should about do it for this week.

But what is the deal with that strange title, you ask? And well you may.


Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Return Of The Man Called Moose

It's been nearly 3 years since my last blog post. THREE YEARS!!!

You thought you were off the hook, didn't you?

You can thank blame Green Tortuga for that. He mentioned his idea about using the domain for blogs, and I thought it was a great idea... so now I am the proud owner of "" - which you are reading right now! Ain't technology amazin'?

I guess I should start, though, with a little explanation of what Boxers 'n' Briefs is all about. As most of you are probably aware, I follow the AtlasQuest message boards. Not some of them... ALL of them. There is always so much going on there, that it is really easy for people to miss interesting or important or funny or educational posts. This is the part where you, the loyal reader, jump to the conclusion that I will be an invaluable help to you in finding all those interesting and important and educational posts. And this is also where I will severely disappoint you.

Because, really, there is going to be very little rhyme or reason involved in my blog. Unless Grumpy Grinch gets linked. Then at least there will be some rhyme. But reason? I reiterate: you will be severely disappointed. But what you WILL get, usually, with no guarantees, is a bunch of links to posts, often accompanied by lowly puns, obscure references, and generally obnoxious wordplay. 'Cause that's what I do.

Now, a few disclaimers... I did over 65 of these blogs back in the day, each with a few dozen links. That's a lot of posts, and a lot of puns. So bear with me if I happen to reuse a joke or pun from the past. Also, you may notice a relatively high proportion of the links are to my own posts. There is a simple explanation for that: vanity. And finally, for this first blog (well, first in recent history), I am going to start with some really old posts. So without further ado...

1) Serpent Safari

2) Oh, The Wither Outside is Frightful...

3) The Saga of The Fearless Colon (Part I)

4) Romanas eunt domus? (extra points for recognizing the quote without using google)

5) The Saga of The Fearless Colon (Part II)

6) All Encompassing Skills

7) PLEASE tell me they were all in one car...

8) See? We're not the ONLY weird hobby...

9) We don't need no stinkin' patches! Oh wait, yes we do.

10) You'd have to drag me up the mountain.

11) A moment of silence.

12) Lots 'n' Lots

13) A little mandible labor never hurt anyone!

14) Suave and sophisticated.

15) I believe in Miracles!

16) I have asked myself this same question many, many times.

17) Fox in Shocks

18) The Saga of The Fearless Colon (Part III, Fin)

19) I really miss Pre.

20) Tweety bored

21) Don't rubber the wrong way!

That's probably enough for now, assuming your brain has not already melted. Keep an eye out for the next exciting issue (well... the next issue, anyway) of Boxers 'n' Briefs!