Monday, March 26, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: My Wiki, Wiki Ways

As many of you know, there is a new feature on Atlas Quest: Wikiboxing. For those of you unfamiliar with what a "wiki" is, Webster's (the Dictionary, NOT the 80's TV show (note that this reference is located on Wikipedia (in programming, this is called "recursion")) defines a wiki as: "a collaborative Web site set up to allow user editing and adding of content." We on Atlas Quest define it as: "Ryan is too lazy to keep a proper FAQ up to date."

Ok, for those of you who would make the mistake of taking me seriously, I am just good-naturedly teasing Ryan. The combination of the wiki and the AQ community is a wonderful, natural progression toward ever-increasing dissemination of information and know-how. There is so much great knowledge to be shared by your fellow 'boxers, and the wiki is where it can be stored and accessed much more conveniently (and permanently) than on the Message Boards. A big round of applause for the Great Green One!

And now, we have a full weeky of catching up to do!

1) Random information.

2) Thank your bookie.

3) Whine in doubt, throw it out.

4) Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend (Part I)

5) Whether it's PLBs or Kids, five is a handful!

6) Crews control.

7) Another example of "recursion".

8) Tapetorial.

9) Toad Hello.

10) A few blatantly self-indulgent D&D posts... here, here, and here.

11) Atta boy, Lightning Bolt!

12) V is for Victory!

13) A birthday Gisch.

14) AZ You Like It.

15) Waxing philosophical.

16) Wiki rah-rah. (I don't know what it means, but it SOUNDS funny!)

17) It's time to Gekkoing.

18) A wonderful footnote.

19) Directions directions.

20) I laughed out loud.

21) Loverboxing.

22) Oh I Wish I Were An Oscar Carving Winner...

23) Diamonds are a girl's Best Friend (Part II)

Have a wonderful wiki, everyone!


Monday, March 19, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Short and Sweet...

(Ahem.... clearing throat...)
In the key of "C", all together now:

Happy (Papaya) Birthday to you,
Happy (Papaya) Birthday to you,
Happy (Papaya) Birthday, dear, uhhh. Happy Papaya.....
Happy (Papaya) Birthday to yoooooouuuuuuuuuuu!

1) Dot's all, folks!

2) Just slip it in the Post Orifice...

3) Hey you kids! Don't put your lips on that! (Extra Credit for recognizing the misquote)

4) If I had a hammer...

5) Split decision.

6) Everything old is new again.

7) Sage advice... don't let their name fool you!

8) Worth checking out if you have kids.

9) Papaya's PZ Primer.

10) Anyone for a Salmon Wrap?

11) Ok, this one made me laugh.

12) Winner of the "Cleverest Clues" award goes (once again) to... Maiden1974!

13) Cryin' Ryan.

14) Flinging Compliments.

And don't forget, only a few days left to plant your Toad Hollow boxes! I spoke with Ralph Morrison this last week, letting him know how the Letterboxing Community had taken to Toad Hollow like, well, a Toad to a Hollow. He was thrilled, and said to pass along a big thank you to you all. Consider yourselves "Encouraged"!!


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: The Gathering Storm

Hello to all you LBers who aren't at a gathering this weekend (both of you!).

Seems like there are a LOT of them going on, both this weekend and in the next few weekends to come. I guess that makes sense - combine an Irish/Traditionally Alcohol-Imbued Holiday with the Advent of Spring, throw in a few Letterboxers antsy to get out and about, and the results are bound to be Gatherings! So to all of you lucky enough to be mixing and mingling with kindred spirits, lift a glass for me... and to the rest of us home-bound with sick kids (like me) or tied down with work or just too far away, remember that St Patrick's Day is the PERFECT day to be Green with Envy!

And one more thing - this IS the middle of "Toad Hollow" week, so don't forget to do a little planting to help lift the spirits of those who might need it, or thank those who have lifted yours. Enjoy!

1) Salmon-chanted Evening...

2) Elementary, my dear.

3) Accounting your chicks before they're hatched.

4) Waxhaw, waxoff.

5) Beachin', man!

6) This'll do in a pinch.

7) Good news from Texas!

8) deniserecycles.

9) Did you get a First Finder's Certificate?

10) Postal regulations.

11) Blotchy me, baby!

12) Virtual hugs are on their way...

13) The Lick of the Irish.

Happy St Patrick's Day, Happy Toad Hollow Week, Happy Gatherings, and Happy Boxing, everyone!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Better Late Than Never?

Greetings, oh Intrepid Boxers!

My apologies for "missing" last Friday's B'n'B. This last weekend, my 13 year old daughter competed in her very first Acro-Gymnastics Meet. It was about a two hour drive from home, so we decided to stay the weekend there. Silly me, I made the assumption that the hotel would have Internet access... that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!

Also, don't forget that this Wednesday, March 14th, is the start of "Toad Hollow Week." Get out there and plant a box in appreciation or encouragement of someone or someplace that is special to you, or introduce a "deserving" person to letterboxing, or just take a friend out to lunch, and let them know that they are special. Don't let an excuse like this to do something nice pass you by!

On a sadder note, Ryan has set up a Tribute page for Kilroy's mother, momcatmay, who recently passed away. Please leave your thoughts, wishes, tributes, and remembrances here.

Ok, we have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get started, shall we?

1) Who knew that "planting" could be applied to things other than Plastic Boxes?

2) Technically, Legos are really just tiny little Plastic Boxes, right?

3) I was just thanking about you...

4) Coldfinger.

5) Wii will, wii will, rock you!

6) A hole water shakin' going on.

7) The absolute, undeniably very lastest post on this subject forever and ever...

8) And now, an important message from The Sprite...

9) Bright plastic packages, hidden by springs, these are a few of my favorite things!

10) Unabashed self-indulgent post.

11) Stalking stuffers.

12) A lesson in advanced thermodynamics.

13) Obi-Wan in a million.

14) 'Til decals come home.

15) They need the OTHER kind of "B'n'B"...

16) Hot diggity dogs!

17) "Ice Counts."

18) More Icecapades.

19) Zen and the Art of Letterbox Maintenance.

20) And I thought it was just a Dinah Shore song... (well, it IS!)

21) Congratulations Booknut and YankeechicK !!

22) I am NOT going to try and type that name!

And that was the week (and weekend) in a nutshell!

Oh, and by the way... my daughter took the Gold Medal in her Division! WOOHOO!!! Proud Papa here.


Monday, March 05, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Temptress in a Teapot

To appreciate the title of this blog, you need to start with the post by Lock Wench regarding people who disregard the requests of the planters for WOM boxes, and in particular with her "Adult Themed" boxes. (Disclosure: I am the PROUD "owner" of one of these treasures; a tasteful yet playfully executed "pinup girl" stamp that is an absolute delight.) As one could perhaps predict, there ensued a lively discussion (follow the thread if you wish).

And then it happened: Gischer Gryffindors called the brouhaha a "Temptress in a Teapot". This was by far the BEST pun I have heard all week. Kudos to Carianna of the GG. You win the "Neat Punmanship Award"!

And now, the rest of the weekend...

1) Getting into a bind with a bookie.

2) Gettin' siggy with it.

3) The shirt hit the fans.

4) To gnome me is to love me.

5) It's a Floor wax AND a Desert topping!

6) I'd like to thank the members of the Academy...

7) Pay pals.

8) A com post.

9) Getting into a bit of hot water. But with a happy ending.

10) Be adult, not a dolt.

11) The sheet hits the fan. <--- Recycling jokes: it's good for the environment.

12) Take my wife... please!

13) Inky dinky do's (and don'ts)...

Oh, and by the way... my girls and I had a FANTASTIC time in the snow this weekend - the weather was perfect, and I had no trouble at all defrosting my nubbins. Have a great week!


Friday, March 02, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: The Briefest of Briefs

Dang! Where does the time go?

I am scurrying around, trying to get ready for the weekend; I'm taking my girls (and their friend) up to the snow. Ok, I know most of you out there have more of the white stuff than you know what to do with, but us Coastal Californians have to make an excursion if we want to freeze our nubbins. So... let me make these briefs brief...

1) Piddler on the Roof.

2) All this and boxing too!

3) Dr. Pepper picked a park and pickled players.

4) Yukking it up. (That's 4 in a row, dray!)

5) Practices make perfect.

6) Follow these instructions, and it'll go without a hitch.

7) Can anyone explain this title to me?

8) Sharpiemulsified.

9) That's just sick. And here's how you can tell.

10) A friend in need...

11) A clue! A clue!

12) A clean park is a happy park!

13) I've been framed, I tell ya!

14) A little acknowledge goes a long way.

15) When in the course of human event stamps...

16) It has often been said I do the work of three men...

And now, I gotta finish packing... enjoy the weekend, everyone! And remember: the Toad Hollow Week of Encouragement is coming up, March 14th-21st.