Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: SMPSLT

So Many Posts, So Little Time...

1) She says ya need 'em, but I dungaree.

2) Pranks for the memories.

3) Icon picture it now.

4) Needful things to carve.

5) Suburban sprawl.

6) All it takes is a little skullduggery.

7) We all have our little hangups.

8) Rock 'n' Rock.

9) Yeah, but... the accordion?

10) Goin' Buffaloin'

11) A wonderful thing.

12) Good news, and a standing ovation.

13) The song remains insane.

14) I toddler not to touch that...

15) Another wonderful thing.

16) I Mensa say that!

17) Bean there, Done that.

18) Post "Post" post.

19) From one reptile to another.

20) As BR1 would say, "Be Safe".

21) WOOHOO!!

22) A picture window is worth a thousand words.

23) Alcohol it whatever I want!

Sorry about the lack of banter (though there are many, I suppose, that see this as "a plus"). Once the craziness of simultaneous end-of-school and end-of-quarter dies down, I hope to get back onto a more "normal" BnB schedule (like ANYTHING I write falls under the heading of "Normal".. ha!)

Have fun!



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