Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Four Generations of Celebrations

Hello, fellow boxers!
This weekend was a busy one for our family, with four generations of celebrations. First, my parents (generation one) had an anniversary party Friday night (#49... one more year and they're golden!) On Saturday, there was the baby shower for my daughter (generation three): our first grandson (generation four) is due in about four weeks! Also on Saturday was a big AcroGymnastics meet for another daughter, Juli (generation three), where her trio won their second Gold Medal of the season, with the highest score they have ever received - WOOHOO!

So what celebration did we (generation two) have? Sharks won the first round of the playoffs - sounds like a celebration to me!

1) You're on your own, buddy.

2) Bring home the Bacon.

3) Blade runner.

4) Deep in the heart of taxes.

5) They aren't "bugs", they are "undocumented features."

6) Ummm... I guess I shoulda linked to this earlier...

7) Our thoughts are with you, Dixie.

8) Great Scot!

9) Big Ox on New Math.

10) Hoosier on first?

11) Baby back ribbing.

12) That's just plane gross!

13) Wings and a prayer (they'll need it!).

14) Reading between the (side)lines.

Hope you all have a great week!



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