Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Link-a-Rama

All links, no chatter. Except this. And that. Oops.

1) Your pad or mine?

2) A virtuallist.

3) It's important to have priorities.

4) Mass hysteria.

5) Sponge dye square pads.

6) What'd you learn in school today? Sharing...

7) Dam* Snarkys

8) Poetry in emotion.

9) From AQ "Best Practices": Include actual content in your post.

10) How to make a wassa laugh.

11) Rouge warrior.

12) The Scientific Method.

13) Everyone loves clowns and balloons.

14) The Pirate Moving.

15) Shoulda stuck to armpit-farting...

16) Make sure they build in hidey-holes for letterboxes...

17) Lock 'n Load up.

18) Tweaking my nibs.

19) Where Dewey plant them?

20) Patience is a virtue.

21) Gouge potato.

22) The care and feeding of L'nLs.

23) A Spritely Success!

24) Warning: self-indulgent gratuitous linkage ahead.
a) From Happy Papaya.
b) From Art Gekko.
c) From Webfoot.
d) From Trekkie Gal.
Thank you all so VERY much.

25) Upping the stats.

26) A summary within a summary.

27) A grave question.

I think that is enough links to keep you all busy for a while! Meanwhile, I am in Denver now, where the weather is beeee-yooootiful... now if I can only get out of meetings long enough to snag some boxes! (So much for "no chatter"... *sigh*)



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