Friday, October 19, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Logo My Ego

Greetings, oh Letterboxing Friends!
It is with great pride that I unleash upon you, err, I mean present to you, the Official Boxers 'n' Briefs Logo.... drumroll please....

Well, whaddya think? If you like it, then great news! The Sprite (a regular contributor to these pages, since she is as wacky as they come) has added "Official Boxers 'n' Briefs" boxers (and shirts, and coffee mugs) to her CafePress store! Get 'em while they're hot!

1) Dangling by his participle.

2) Tricky Wiki (not a Quickie).

3) It's bark is worse than her plight.

4) Tennessee, anyone?

5) Insect aside

6) Conventional wisdom

7) Could someone please respond to the poor woman?

8) It's no coincidence that an anagram for starSAELS is "Le Rats A..." (fill in the blanks)

9) It's 'zackly the way it should be done!

10) A classy birthday

11) Phrase of the week: spontaneous catastrophic loss of molecular cohesion

12) It's no coincidence that an anagram for starSAELS is "Less Rasta"...

13) Once a boxer, always a boxer.

14) Baggers can't be choosers

15) That must itch like shell.

16) Boxing mooseadventures

17) Guaranteed to break the ice at parties

18) Lucky guess

19) Nothing left for me to say on this one.

20) 3 things you never knew about Kirbert

21) Dawg Day Afternoon

22) Seeing is retrieving.

23) The Challenge of the Century.

24) If Dr Seuss were alive, he'd be rolling over in his grave.

25) Locution, locution, locution.

26) Why we are all here.

27) Obligatory Self-Indulgent Post

I would like to note, for those of you who cringe at the thought of commercialism, that I don't make a dime off the "BnB" swag; I asked the Sprite to set it up as a favor, and she most graciously obliged! Three cheers for Virtual Friends! Coming soon: ooooh, it's a SURPRISE, but one I think you will like!!



At 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the moose that's been hanging out at Dave 'N' Busters?


At 8:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When are the patches available....??? ;-))

At 4:40 PM, Blogger Jimmy said...

I'm gettin' me one of them steins. It oughta hold a lot of possum on a stick. Or some sorta drinkin' stuff.

At 4:27 AM, Blogger littlmoon said...

Great job! I love it!


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