Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: Golden Boxers

Congratulations to ME!
This is officially the 50th "Boxers 'n' Briefs" blog entry! Who knew (or wished) that I would be able to sustain such a seemingly unending barrage of bad puns, corny jokes, and obscure references, all wrapped around Atlas Quest board posts? I have read literally EVERY post on AQ since October 30, 2006 (well, to be truthful, every one since Sept 2, 2006, when I first "discovered" the boards, but Oct 30th was the launch of BnB). From my first "link" to the present, that constitutes 59,853 posts. I haven't gone back and counted how many links I have done, but I figure I average, say, 18 links per BnB, so that would be approximately 900 groaners I have subjected the Letterboxing world to. You are apparently a very patient group.

So thank you all for your support, patronage, and comments (any blogger will tell you that we LOVE the comments). Without you, this would just be me making jokes to myself... which is pretty much what I do the rest of the time in my life anyway.

1) Don't make her axe a second time.

2) Let us know when you are through hiking.

3) iPod in your general direction.

4) Log-istics.

5) He ain't heady, he's my brother.

6) Lessons found at the bottom of a glass.

7) A true gift.

8) Abbott and Costello and Yuk.

9) Pardon me Ryan, is that the chat on your to-do queue?

10) Relockation.

11) A light blue PT Bruiser.

12) Chestnut's boasting of an open fire.

13) Desperately Seeking Talent.

14) God save the Queen.

15) Pitcher pictures.

16) Statistics never lie.

17) "T" is for "Thousand"

18) FF4KK

19) The longest journey starts with the Single's Steps.

20) Basics revisited.

21) Letterboxing diplomacy.

22) Self-indulgent D&D link.

23) Not-So-Good vibrations.

Oh, and one more interesting fact... this blog entry will most likely contain my 10,000th page visit! Thanks again!



At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, wassa, thank you!

I love to read your blogs.

(And it always gives me a thrill when one of my posts are there!)

I'm hoping that you and yours will visit Portland sometime so you can experience the LB hospitality here, we could meet, and you could get some of the many boxes here (Der Mad's, Maiden's, Funhog's, Camp Fire Lady's, the list goes on and on.)

Ooops, better get back to work.


At 7:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Happy 50th, man! They didn't have any more 50th Blog Anniversary Cards at Walmart, so we had to just post here...sorry! ;-)

At 12:53 AM, Blogger Jimmy said...


OK, you can stop now.

Why does blogger make me sign up everytime I post instead of just signing in?

At 3:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh shucks, I missed being the 10,000th visitor! Thanks for all your hard work Wassa. I have to admit even I skip the odd post or two now and again so I am not sure how you find the time :-)

At 3:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps. Sorry forgot to say that last anonymous post was me - Yorkshire Tortoise.

At 5:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to have you there to read all the important stuff for us and give it back with the humor we have come to crave!

Thanks for including a post from me again. I really am making it in this letterboxing world!

Thank you again for the blogs!
Six Stars

I am wondering where all those boxers and briefs have ended up from the Great Appreciation collection you received on April Fool's Day?

At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hoy...wassa..thanx for all the good reading material. i have read every one of your blogs since inception. that way i don't have to read ALL of AQ. i do have a life outside of boxing. i think LOL
does your boss know you are on AQ and not working? Just kidding Keep them coming.

HI to Katie bug


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