Saturday, August 04, 2007

Boxers 'n' Briefs: You Either Love Us or Hiatus

Greetings, fellow boxers!
Once again, many factors have contributed to my little hiatus from Boxering 'n' Briefing. The most important of which, naturally, was sheer summer-induced laziness. Oh, sure, I could go on about how work has been busy, about how home projects have sucked up time, about how my devotion to literature (aka finishing that last Harry Potter) has absconded with many an otherwise free hour. But the bottom line is simply that I decided not to get stressed about self-imposed deadlines, and wanted to relax and chill a bit this summer.

But alas, the urge to pun is strong in me, and so here I am once again, ready to inflict the lowest form of humor upon you. Besides, I HAD to put out a Boxers 'n' Briefs - after all, it IS almost time for "National Underwear Day"!

1) He was Joss standing there, Whedon to buy a book!

2) Cake talk.

3) Brother Beer.

4) I just don't understand some people...

5) Grateful for a complete writeup.

6) Resisting Attemptation.

7) Why waste perfectly good camo tape?

8) I wish I'd said that!

9) An engaging smile.

10) Stairmastery.

11) Follow his directions to the letter.

12) Maybe the big stick isn't such a bad idea after all.

13) Ex-squeeze-it details.

14) Just Frodo's boxes on the mountain.

15) It's that last part that always gets me...

16) Ok, I can't come up with a G-rated comment...

17) Kilts say the darnedest things.

18) Successfully Jason down an old 'boxer.

19) I'm guessing this wasn't just a "theoretical" question.

20) There's still time to sign up!

21) There's a methane to his madness.

22) Every step counts.

23) Odor stinks you can stink!

24) It's erase to Dollar Tree!

25) Lifestyles of The Ridge and famous.

26) Postcards to the edge.

27) The Gathering wind.

28) It just wouldn't be a BnB without a Sprite Story.

29) Parental response ability.

30) Obligatory self-indulgent link.

So there you have it... until next time when guilt, free time, and warped humor conspire to inspire!



At 2:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Miss ya,

Janet, Blooming Flowers


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